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Naming the College

The name ‘Living Water’ was chosen for the College for several reasons. First of all, Christ speaks in the Gospels of the gift of living water which He will give, which becomes a spring welling up to eternal life. Secondly, going to all the original sources of inspiration – the great books and works of art, and the works of nature itself, is like drawing water from a pure spring. Thirdly, it happens that the very name ‘Derwent’, where the college is located, is translated ‘Living Water’ from the original Gaelic language.

Our world, and in particular the world of art, is very much like a desert. It is lacking signs of true life, and is in great need of revitalization – and that is really the challenging mission of the college: to place students in direct contact with truth and beauty itself, through the Faith which is handed down to us by Christ, through a disciplined study of the great books and works of art, and finally through technical training and practice in the arts.

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