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undraising for Living Water College is on-going in order to establish the permanent three-year program.  Until sufficient resources are available for full-time operation, Living Water will continue to offer short programs containing the same elements as the full program.  The largest annual offering are our Summer Programs.  Find out how you can contribute to scholarships that will help talented students integrate their Art with their Faith and Intellect in the Summer Programs of 2011. 

Read what our previous Summer Program students had to say...

"The whole experience has been a total learning experience in the spiritual as well as the artistic. I could only recommend the whole program...there's no way you can segment it...and you can gain so much, so much." - Kay

"(The Program) will add to their life experience. It doesn't matter their age or their amount of talent...the personal growth is worth it...This changed you as a person." - Leona

"I think it's been a beneficial program not only spiritually, but also from the technical aspect of leaving with the knowledge of how to pain icons, how to write icons, to carry it on in our daily lives." - Deacon Jim

"I really feel like I've gotten a lot closer to God this last couple of weeks. It was like a spiritual retreat for me...I've learned that human beings are icons of the living God, that we are icons and we need to let go, and let God paint us the way He wants to sometimes." - Ben

"I admired our teacher, Frank Turner; his way of teaching is very, very uplifting, encouraging." - Fr. Joseph

"I think it's wonderful that something like this is offered in our own backyard; it's not far from Edmonton or major centres and it's economically feasible for the average person to be able to take a course and learn about it...which is wonderful because there's so many people that do have an interested in iconography, but wouldn't know...the first place to start." - Deacon Jim