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Overview / What we offer

 Have you been blessed with abilities and a calling to the Arts?

Living Water College of the Arts is a post-secondary institution committed to the training and development of Christian Artists in the areas of:

Traditional Media: Drawing, Painting, Sculpting, Carving, Iconography
New Media: Photography, Film, Computer Graphics, Sound & Recording Production
Theatre: Writing, Acting, Voice, Dance, Stage Direction
Motion Picture: Writing, Pre-production, Directing, Cinematography, Post-production

... who want to make their works a reflection of their faith and who are committed to making a difference in the secular world through the arts.


Here's what we have to offer:

Modern Facilities / Pastoral Setting

Living Water College of the Arts is located near Derwent, Alberta- in the heart of east central Alberta’s agricultural and lake country. It is a place of abundant sunshine where rich soil produces fine crops and nature cradles pristine lakes and rivers.
The college is being custom built to facilitate the synthesis of mind, body, and spirit. It will feature a chapel, new and up-to-date facilities and studios for film making, drama, and audio and visual arts, as well as recreation facilities right on campus or nearby. On-site accommodations will include separate male and female dormitories.

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Unique Approach to Learning

Gifted and experienced Christian artists, academics, and administrators have come together to develop this one-of-a-kind three-year program and unique approach to studying the arts.

Click here to read an essay on "three pillars approach" to training Christian artists.

Click here to view an interactive representation of the "three pillars approach" to training Christian artists.

Our program involves:
  1. Developing the student’s faith life so it can inform the art they create and the work that they do.
  2. Academic studies in the Classical Liberal Arts using Socratic Dialogue, the Great Books, and great works of Art.
  3. The development of technical skills in the Arts through practical, hands on experience.
  4. Sessional instruction by artists in their field of specialization.
  5. A practicum/field study component and Mentorship Program.

The development of a professional portfolio that tangibly displays the graduate’s talent, skill and experience.

Studying the Arts in a Christian Context

As Christians, we believe that artistic talent and calling is a gift from God. It is given to human beings by God’s grace for His glory and for the purpose of revealing truth, beauty and salvation to a hurting world. Unfortunately, what we often encounter in today’s world is art that has become a destructive force, one that puts man at the center of all things and glorifies human failing, violence, and despair rather than the reality of God among us.

At Living Water College of the Arts students will be able to:

  1. Study the arts without compromising their morals or faith.
  2. Develop their talents in a community of other artists.
  3. Live, learn and grow in Christian community.